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What Others Have to Say


Nicole was great throughout the entire process... I had a lot of questions and she always answered them promptly. She was inviting when I came to meet the litter and let me take my time playing with the kittens. Our little Motley is the best thing about 2020... she is beautiful, playful, sassy, and such a joy! I am so glad we adopted a kitten through Descanso Ranch and would do so again!


Bonds to each family member. Friendly fun personality. Makes cute funny noises and loves to hide toys. Great companion as a buddy and company especially during pandemic. Gets along well with other cats. Uses litter box and eats without making mess. Smart and obedient. Doesn’t wake us up when we are sleeping!!! Wonderful!. Best pet and breed we have ever had!. I missed one... Rico is our little avatar.


The best thing about this cattery is that Nicole really cares about all her cats besides the business aspect. You can tell that she has a bond with each of them. This is a major advantage of family based catteries. The communication between us was awesome from the start to this day. She sent us photos and videos of our kitten every couple days after we paid the deposit, and ensured that we have all the detailed information we need. Their cat parents are all super adorable, by the way. We are so grateful to have Bambi as a part of our family!


Our Charlie is now 4 months old and we could not have asked for a more funny, playful, and loving kitten. He loves playing with his cat toys, chasing his new sisters and riding on our shoulders. He has now had all of his vaccines and everyone at his vets office absolutely LOVE him. We got compliments every time we took him in for a visit. Working with Nicole was always pleasant. She was nice enough to send us regular updates about his growth and development. If we ever decide to get another Bengal kitten, I’d love to go back to Nicole at Descanso Ranch Cattery.

Natasha and Boris

We couldn't love these two any harder if we tried. If you're in the market for Bengals, get two! Not only can you name them something awesome (Boris and Natasha), but really, it's double the fun, curiosity, and cuteness. We really can't imagine these two apart. Thank you Nicole for answering our questions and concerns prior to us making our decision. These Bengals are the real deal, markings, personalities and all.